Indiana Deposition Services, LLC
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you play back video depositions at trial?

Yes. We have years of experience with deposition playback for legal proceedings.

2. Do you offer Trial Presentation services?
Yes. Peter J. Zinkan is credentialed in Trial Presentation by the National
Court Reporters Association (NCRA). He uses Trial Director and YesLaw.

3. What is your range of travel to take depositions?
The state of Indiana and beyond, wherever we are asked to go.

4. What is your specialty?
Our skill, training and talent center on video depositions. We are expert in the
synchronization of video depositions to the transcript. We edit, duplicate, and can
convert video formats from one type to another. We now offer transcoding video to
iPad and any other mobile device on market.

5. Do you have court reporters?
No. We network with reporting firms that provide court reporters. We have ongoing
business relationships with many court reporting firms throughout Indiana.
We are happy to arrange for their services or work with the firm of your choice.

6. How many videographers do you have?
Four. Our legal videographers are independent contractors, each with extensive
experience in corporate, broadcast and legal videography. We also network with
other legal videographers, providing services as needed.

7. Can you pick up and zoom in on exhibits during a deposition?
Yes. It’s a good idea to let the videographer know before the deposition starts that
you will be using exhibits. This will give them the opportunity to discuss how they will
be captured and how they should be positioned.

8. We want to play part of a video demonstration during the deposition.
Can you pick it up?

Yes. Since our cameras are digital, the sync rate is the same as the playback monitor
and there is no flicker. We can move the monitor to fill the frame of the camera video.

9. What format is most common for production of video depositions?
Sync video.

10. Do you have an office?
No. This keeps our overhead costs down. Usually the court reporter or witnesses
have an office to use. Hotel conference rooms are used for large groups.

Video Deposition

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